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III Fairtrade Banana Forum

Did you know that by buying Fairtrade bananas, you are supporting our Corporates and promoting sustainable practices in the industry?

But the responsibility doesn't end there, we also attended and participated in the 3rd Fairtrade banana forum to be part of the conversation and change!

We know that these forums are spaces for dialogue between producers, traders, activists and consumers, where ideas are shared, challenges are discussed and important decisions are made to improve the working and living conditions of banana producers.

Being at the III Fairtrade Banana Forum was an enriching experience for us as a corporation, as we were able to learn more about the banana industry and the importance of fair trade for Corporates and their communities. In addition, we had the opportunity to share experiences and learn from other corporations and companies committed to improving opportunities in our regions.

As a corporation committed to sustainability and fair trade, participating in this forum allowed us to strengthen our commitment and improve our practices. We are proud to have been part of this important event and look forward to continuing to contribute to a better future together with Fairtrade.

Join us in the fight for fairer and more sustainable trade - together we can make a difference!

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