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Together we take care of our land.

In our Fair Trade Corporation, we are committed to the care of the planet and the preservation of our mother earth. That is why one of our main initiatives is planting trees.

We know that trees are fundamental to the health of the planet, as they absorb carbon dioxide, purify the air and contribute to soil and water conservation, they are home to animals and plants, which makes them key to biodiversity.

At our corporation, we not only plant trees, but also care for them to ensure that they are growing healthy and strong. In this way, we contribute to ecosystem restoration and climate change mitigation.

We are proud to fulfill this duty and to do our part in protecting our mother earth. But we know that there is still much to do, and that is why we continue to work every day to become an increasingly sustainable and environmentally responsible Corporation.

Because caring for the environment is a priority, we have minimized the impact we have on the environment thanks to our collection points for recyclable material at different locations on the . In addition, thanks to the proper management of this waste, soil and water pollution is reduced, which in turn improves the quality of life of our communities. Recycling is everyone's job, and at Fairtrade banana farms we are committed to @ecologicarecicla and the environment!"

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